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Choosing Everlasting Value. Following the 45 successful years of presence in the field of handmade furniture, the family furniture company Serderides, remains loyal to its original vision of creating unique pieces of furniture that both inspire and reflect the personality of those who acquire them. The fact that the company designs and manufactures in numbered series does not preclude a wide design variety. The company's essential principle still lays in the excellent before and after sales service, including all necessary procedures starting from the order to the delivery of products. Moreover, the company's dynamic activities include exports to markets of high standards that are difficult to satisfy, such as Zurich, Manhattan, New York, Moscow and Tokyo, enriching its clientele outside the Greek borders. Furnishing a living room, a dining room amd progressing to rooms that require a more personal touch such as a bedroom or an office, with handmade furniture bearing the Serderides signature, is a guarantee not only of their high quality but also for their aesthetic appearance.

Specializing in studying and manufacturing handmade furniture for the decoration of fireplaces and radiators is another strong company asset that should not be ommitted. In Serderides handmade furniture company, quality has to do not only with external appearance but also with the whole manufacturing process. Although external beauty is indeed of great value, its true greatness comes from within. Thus, when using carefully selected materials processed in the most traditional way by highly experienced, dedicated and knowledgeable technicians, the final result cannot be anything but unique.

However, the Serderides company mission is not fulfilled; its many years of experience and its flexibility consent to the constant creation and development of new models, ensuring that the furniture is always fashionable and everlasting. Our promise is to continue offering high quality furniture to the discerning buyer.

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