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When high quality standards combinate with the needs and demands of modern life, then you are in the unique world of Specchio.

Our company, one of the oldest in Greece, established in 1973, remains capable of satisfying the needs of even the most demanding customer. Through a great variety of quality house and office furniture and lighting, always from the most famous italian and spanish companies and always in exclusivity, our company is ambitious enough of turning the real value to... a part of your own place.

The fine combination of high quality with design and harmony with functionality, have classified Specchio at the top of the European market.

Our company, always trying to make something excellent, presents a sample of its products in order to satisfy even the most demanding ones.

Webpage: www.specchio.gr
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ΑΘΗΝΑ. Μαυρομματαίων 8, 10682. Tel: 210 8228177. Fax: 210 8220085.
ΑΘΗΝΑ. Μαυρομματαίων 4, 10682. Tel: 210 8223958.
ΨΥΧΙΚΟ. Λ.Κηφισίας 180, 15451. Tel: 210 6714091. Fax: 210 6713869.

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